April Lugo PhD

Everyone ONLY has limitations in their lives because of the programming and belief systems that they are ~ were inherently raised with, educated with and are lead to believe. 


Knowledge is wisdom and wisdom is empowerment. Having an understanding that each individual has been born with their own life plan, their own life journey and that the expectations of others may actually not be the prescribed purpose of the life. 

With the use of mentoring, coaching, motivational presentations it can then be revealed to everyone: what is my life purpose, what will I do when I grow up, and more. 


Everyone can make a change and a difference in their lives when they take responsibility and strive to become the best 'self' that they can. It takes dedication to accomplish that and a strong desire to better oneself. 

Connecting with others and helping yourself through the use of education, experiences and exposure to the possibilities makes life a limitless reality. 

Everyone can learn!

With the use of today's technology, and metaphysics: (understanding the unexplainable) connections, communication and messages from the Masters, Teachers, Guides, Angels and those who have proceeded us Across the Veil can open up a world of higher vibrational learning.



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Inspiring the subconscious and conscious to Higher Awareness of the intrinsic Truth of one's Self
by challenging limitations and boundaries with intuitive connections!  

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