White Wolf April ~ April Lugo PhD

Intuitive Motivational Speaker

Intuitive Motivational Speaker
Inspiring the subconscious and conscious to Higher Awareness of the intrinsic Truth of one's Self
by challenging limitations and boundaries with intuitive connections,!  

White Wolf April Lugo PhD

Presentations, Connecting, Across the Veil: Intuitive Connections, Open Forum, One on One
Interactive, Entertaining, Life Changing

Seattle WA- WOW Conference: Event comments, Amazing and impactful message! 

Anchorage AK - Celebrate Life Expo, Keynote Speaker: Blew those in attendance out of their seats with information and messages (Expo coordinator)

 Phoenix AZ- Private Event: Could just feel the energy flowing and the messages were delivered with grace and power. (Event Host)


Soldotna AK- Local Business Events Feature: We love her.  (Business Owner)


 Homer AK- Expo: Enhanced by her presence.  (Expo host)


 St Louis MO - Family Resource Center: Changing lives and influencing healing.


 New York City, NY - New Life Expo: AMAZING! Packed the room!


 Durango CO - Whole Expo: Packed the room. Messages flowed. People were going and getting their friends. More in attendance for April's presentation than our keynote speaker. 


 Denver CO - Celebration Metaphysical Fair: Entertaining and informative. Made a believer out of me. (Attendees)


 Fresno CA - Private Event: Messages from the heart offering healing. (Event host.)


and more....

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